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Michael D. Moberly, Intangible Asset Strategist & Risk Specialist [email protected]

I and kpstrat, had the good sense + good fortune to glean from research, professional relationships, and engagements, over three decades, experiential knowledge on various matters related to business things intangible. (For specifics, you are respectfully invited to review kpstrat website and the ‘Business Intangible Asset Blog.)

Collectively, the kpstrat (our) mission is to bring respectfully developed and relevant content, products, and services, all, variously related to business things intangible.

This assemblage of kpstrat materials, e.g., a book, numerous papers, booklets, and (650+ long form) blog posts (collectively and collaboratively) materialize to deliver (a.) business specific counsel to leadership and management teams, and/or (b.) professional development (graduate level) seminar style curricula (online) to accommodate specific business and leader interests, needs, and risk exposures.

kpstrat’s relevance + value to/for existing + prospective clients, variously lie with…

  1. respectfully conveying the benefits and outcomes, deliverable to intangible asset intensive and dependent early stage and mature businesses, ventures, R&D environments, and consequent transactions, each of which is embedded with uniquely valuable – at risk business things intangible.
  • utilizing – leveraging the various forms of intellectual, structural, and relationship capital, ala intangible assets (see website booklet titled ‘What Are Intangible Assets’) to create value, competitive advantage, and generate + sustain (new/additional) sources of revenue, etc.
  • recognizing that today, and for the foreseeable future, rising percentages of business (idea) development, execution, and then reasonably assuring desired outcomes can be and are achieved, is variously dependent on sustainable and resilient exclusivity of/to business things intangible. (Please see kpstrat website – Michael D. Moberly authored booklet titled ‘What Are Intangible Assets’.)

Papers, booklets, and my book, presented at the kpstrat website are intended for respectful professional development, and, and, as such, is useful to most everyone in leadership and management team positions, e.g., describing intangible assets’ contributory role, value, sustainability, competitiveness, and revenue (brand) generation capacity, and risk.

I am hopeful all find reviewing these materials helpful and will consider sharing same with colleagues and associates, and perhaps consider various ways the content produces near term and strategic benefits to your (business) model, agenda, and objectives.

I am always pleased to learn your perspectives and perhaps challenges, insofar as positioning, safeguarding, and mitigating risk to your ‘business things intangible’ to generate sustainable value, sources of revenue, and competitive advantages.

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