It’s Important to Recognize Multipliers Intangible Assets Produce

Recognizing the multipliers intangible assets routinely produce, i.e., as variations of intellectual, structural, relationship capital, etc., is another requisite to effective business leadership…in large part because it is an economic fact that 80+% of most company’s value, sources of revenue, competitiveness, and sustainability today, lie in – emerge directly from intangible assets.

For most company’s, there are intangible asset (IA) multipliers which materialize...generally, once there is sufficient operational familiarity at the leadership levels to distinguish which IA’s are in play and relevant to a specific transaction, project, or initiative insofar as creating value, sources of revenue, and competitive advantages.

Intangible asset multipliers manifest for company leadership in numerous ways…

1. by recognizing which and how particular intangibles are relevant (integral) to…achieving and sustaining lucrative – competitive business practices. Michael D. Moberly

2. to assess and monitor (company specific) intangibles’ contributory role and value…i.e., which, when, how, and why, are in play in particular transactions (projects, initiatives) thereby making pre-post transaction due diligence more conclusive compared to conventional (confirmatory) audits, or snap-shot-in-time assessments. Michael D. Moberly

3. by recognizing the relevance for conducting pre-post (transaction) due diligence on the targeted intangible assets in playwhich adds predictability to transaction outcomes by mitigating risks, elevating asset stability and defensibility, and minimizing asset fragility and vulnerability, all of which directly contribute to achieving the projected transaction objectives, returns, and exit strategy. Michael D. Moberly

4. by favorably changing risk dynamics to focus on the intangible asset in play…i.e., their vulnerability, probability, and criticality of adverse acts-events that materialize and manifest as preludes to intangibles becoming entangled in costly, time consuming, momentum stifling, and reputational challenges that undermine the asset’s contributory role, value, competitive advantage, and performance. Michael D. Moberly

5. serving as a foundational preludes to efficient, inclusive, and effective convergence…with IT-computer security, knowledge management, and conventional intellectual property enforcements. Michael D. Moberly

6. by contributing to an intangible asset intelligent company culturethat distinguishes, safeguards, and monitors valuable intangibles through timely awareness of internal – external risks which, if materialized, will adversely and irreparably affect asset value, competitiveness, and application, e.g., infringement, misappropriation, undermining, etc. Michael D. Moberly

7. by serving as foundations to align organizational resilience, i.e., continuity – contingency planning …and enterprise risk management. Michael D. Moberly

Michael D. Moberly April 20, 2018 St. Louis [email protected] ‘The Business Intangible Asset Blog’ since May 2006, where one’s attention span, intangible assets, and solutions converge.

Readers are invited to explore other work products , i.e., books, papers, blog posts, I have published at  particularly (1.) Intangible Assets: The Introvert of Business Assets, and (2.) Organization Resilience and Intangible Assets.

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