Intangible Asset Literacy

Michael D. Moberly    November 12, 2014     ‘A blog where attention span really matters’!

Avoid being a management team member or business decision maker that is reluctant to engage or is dismissive of their company’s intangible assets!

Unfortunately, I still routinely find management team members and business decision makers who convey an inclination to interpret the phrase ‘knowledge-intangible asset based global economy’ to be more (a.) cliché than reality, and (b.) relevant to Fortune 500’s, presumably rich in intellectual property, know how, and R&D, than small, medium size and entrepreneurial companies..

Obviously, I do not share such ill-fated perspectives, rather, I advocate this reality…unless and until more management teams, c-suites, D&O’s, shareholders, investors, and growing numbers of stakeholders begin recognizing…

  • intangible assets comprise 80+% of most company’s value, sources of revenue and foundations for growth, profitability, and sustainability.
  • the prudence of consistently engaging the intangibles their company produces or acquires and practice effective stewardship, oversight, and management.
  • the necessity to develop practical strategies to sustain control, use, ownership, and monitor asset value, risk, and materiality

…otherwise, these companies will not experience the growth, which most are capable, instead will find themselves in a downward and perhaps irreversible trajectory relative to their (a.)  competitors and market space, and (b.) value, sources of revenue, and strategic ‘building blocks’ for growth, profitability, and sustainability!

In addition, should such intangible asset illiteracy and dismissiveness persist, numerous other potential adverse outcomes will likely occur, among them being…

  • significant unrealized (asset) value and exploitation opportunities are left on the proverbial table
  • assets will remain vulnerable to the myriad of economic and competitive advantage adversaries (globally) to acquire and exploit to enhance their company or client.

As always, reader comments are most welcome!


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