Intangible Asset Intensity and Dependency in Business…

Michael D. Moberly, Principal, Founder, kpstrat

Prudent leadership of intangible asset intensive + dependent businesses are obliged to engage in on-going recognition + assessment of the various contributory roles and values of relevant intangibles to (business)…

  • operability,
  • value,
  • competitiveness,
  • revenue generation, and
  • sustainability relative to brand and reputation.

Prudent leadership of intangible asset intensive and dependent businesses, also extends to

being deliberatively engaged in considering the relevance + necessity of acquiring and merging new, as well as leveraging, adding to, and/or reimagining existing intangible assets to

  1. create a new – complimentary services and/or products + pursue and develop new (different, reimagined (internal – external) ventures or collaborations.
  2. provide business operations with tactical – strategic insights and ‘vital signs’ related to the (current) use and exploitation of business things intangible.
  3. favorably affect the stability, lessen the fragility, elevate the defensibility, and mitigate various risk exposures of mission essential intangible assets.
  4. assess (measure) the performance (functionality, materiality) of mission essential intangibles, i.e., how, when, where, and why each connects as contributory role and value to particular – aspect of business operations.
  5. create more efficiencies within – throughout a business and the development and delivery of products and services.
  6. ensure the selection, acquisition, development, and introduction of new intangible assets,
    • align with – compliment business mission, and
    • reflects relevant legalities, i.e., how, where, why, and when those intangibles originated.

Respectfully written by M for your consideration.

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