Intangible Asset Dominant Business Environments Mid-Pandemic…

Michael D. Moberly, Principal, Founder, kpstrat

Covid 19 has influenced businesses across sectors to re-invent how and ways to sustain relevance, competitiveness, and operational performance…

  • especially for work products and services with pre-pandemic business models which are variously premised on – driven by in-personage acquisition, purchase, and/or consumption.
    • but, now obliged to consider adjustments to reflect adverse effects of a longer-term pandemic.

Readers observe now, the pandemics’ less dramatic affects with businesses and/or operations which…

  1. may not be wholly dependent on in-personage, and/or
  2. there is leader receptivity – inclination + capacity to consider pandemic adjustable resilience strategies.

Readers of this blog will also recognize either of the above, now obligingly include, a business’s (a.) leeway (mid-pandemic), and (b.) access to economic resources to…

  1. re-frame and convert (existing, particular) product – service delivery methodologies, and
  2. re-acclimate clientele to reasonable options – alternatives to conventional in-personage.

The development, collaboration, and integration (mid-pandemic) of proprietary, competitive advantage, and revenue generating intellectual, structural, and relationship capital (ala intangible assets) to…

  • business operations, functions, and transactions are now less dependent on
  • creatives and contributors convening in-person – in conventional physical spaces.
    • instead, there are (fiduciary) obligations to receive and manage each, as they
    • materialize and collaborate in contexts of virtual (non-physical) spaces.

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