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Michael D. Moberly April 10, 2017 ‘A blog where attention span really matters’. (PART I)

Introduction: The following represents a snippet of my forthcoming (second) book on matters related intangible assets. The first book titled, ‘Safeguarding Intangible Assets’ was published by Elsevier in July, 2014. In my new, yet to be published book, readers will be presented with multiple and various ‘solution sets’ to address real, current, and recurring challenges related to developing, unraveling, and exploiting their IA’s.

In large part, this is objective is achieved by describing lucrative, competitive, durable, and cross (industry) sector rationales, methodologies, and strategies (solution sets) for business leadership and company management teams to exercise relative to recognizing how…

• naturally occurring IA’s originate, can be acquired, developed, and produce internally.

• when, where, and why particular IA’s are in play relative to their contributory role, value, and competitive advantages brought to any (business) transaction or initiative.

• to consistently and objectively engage businesses IA’s resolve – mitigate challenges, and maximize and exploit IA’s contributory role, value and competitive advantages, i.e., intellectual, relationship, and structural capital.

• to be aggressively and objectively engaged in mitigating risks to IA’s, which when, not if, the risks materialize, can-will undermine, if not wholly negate, IA value and competitive advantage with respect to transactions or initiatives considered or being undertaken.

Also, my forthcoming book addresses the always present (fiduciary) responsibilities held by business/company management teams and senior personnel charged with…

• designing and executing practical and defensible IA safeguards.

• anticipating and mitigating risks to IA’s for each business circumstance they are in play.

• creating asymmetric processes to achieve and sustain organizational resilience for IA’s which includes consistency in monitoring (IA) presence, utilization, and changes in value and/or materiality.

• recognizing which, when, and for what purpose should particular (new, additional, updated, or more nuanced) IA’s be acquired, developed, integrated, i.e., lucratively, strategically, and competitively exploited.

Another, underlying challenge to recognizing, safeguarding, exploiting, and otherwise using (a company’s IA’s) lies embedded in the global IA business space, wherein there remain a significant percentage of the leadership of companies-organizations beginning, in my judgement with university (undergrad, and graduate) business, marketing, and economics (major) students whom I routinely find are definitionally and operationally unfamiliar with IA’s. That is, they lack familiarity with IA’s and are unable to distinguish, assess, and recognize – measure IA performance, contributory role, functionality, materiality, and/or value to a specific project, initiative, or transaction.

One potential rationale for this absence of (IA) familiarity is embedded in this book’s (proposed) title, i.e., IA’s are the ‘introvert’ of all business assets.

Numerous university (departmental) leadership appear convey their own reluctance to pursue-secure consensus for distinguishing, developing, and incorporating IA’s in relevant (major) curricula, whereby (business, finance, marketing, and economics) students would be introduced to – immersed in the irreversible business reality and globally relevant economic fact that ‘80+% of most company’s value, sources of revenue, reputation, competitiveness, and sustainability lie in – emerge directly from IA’s’!

Thus, the absence, or trivialization of IA’s role and contributory value, gleaned from a university curriculum, to draw upon and apply in the various business-related employment graduating students undertake, will unnecessarily and adversely influence the perspectives held about IA’s.

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