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Michael D. Moberly, Principal, Founder kpstrat – A Business Intangible Asset Strategy – Risk Mitigation Collaborative and Business Intangible Asset Blog – A Reliable Source for Business Things Intangible Since 2006

As a business intangible asset strategist and risk mitigator, I broadly characterize the NFT space as an extension, or variation of the intangible asset side of business economics, development, monetization, and operation, wherein…

  • 80+% of most businesses, irrespective of sector, size, stage, location, product, or service,
  • valuation, competitiveness, revenue generation capability, and sustainability lie in – emerge directly from particular-sets of intangible-non-physical assets, which converge as attractive and lucrative business operating cultures.

 Unfortunately, in today’s NFT market space, ala offering-selling-buying valuable intangible tokens (assets), invariably include some conventions of transaction execution from previous eras dominated by tangible-physical assets in which speed (of execution) inhibits voices advocating due diligence specific to the (dominant) intangible asset components of a transaction.

I encourage the closure of every transaction be contingent on executing (pre – post) ‘intangible asset specific due diligence’ because business things intangible will always be in play and at risk.

In planning – conducting intangible asset specific due diligence, I advocate particular attention be directed to unraveling, in this instance, NFT’s, ala the intangible which contribute to – underlie the valuation, i.e., sustainability, transferability of same, and potential challenges – risks (i.e., vulnerability, probability, and criticality) to an NFT’s authenticity, reputation, and valuation.

Please consider how the following converge as a NFT….once upon a time, Motorola and Bell Labs were simultaneously engaged in competing projects to develop what would become known as the ‘cell phone’.

  • the Motorola team was the first to successfully execute a call, using their cell phone.
  • the actual device from which the first call was made still exists, however,
  • the case housing the device and its internal mechanism are held separately by two contributors to the Motorola (cell phone development) team.
  • these (two) tangible – physical components, when re-joined, could symbolize – constitute a potentially valuable and durable NFT.

Readers may find it informative to conduct a ‘speculative due diligence’, as a prospective buyer of this Motorola cell phone and consider any qualifiers that should be in play relative to ensuring the authenticity and stability/sustainability/duration of this device’ valuation post sale.

NFT Overview…

We are obliged to recognize ‘non-fungible’ translates as things which we presume are – can be attractive, sellable, and transferrable. NFT’s are generally privately held and characterized as being authentically unique and therefore, less receptive to counterfeit, infringement, challenge, or replication.

Non-fungible tokens (NFT’s) are authentically unique-nuanced, and generally privately held and un-replicable one-of-a-kind. The NFT holder, seller, and prospective buyer (market space) presumes the NFT to be a valuable (intangible) asset.

NFT’s can exist individually and/or collectively in various physical and digital forms and contexts, e.g., a mark, sign, work-of-art, symbol, coin, domain name, personal keepsake, souvenir, portrayals of fashion, an essay, article, or ticket/coupon to a virtual event, etc.

NFT’s are not limited to illustrative works, e.g., Jack Dorsey’s first Tweet.

NFT’s, with authenticated attribution to a notable holder, event, act, and/or circumstance of import, can energize their attractivity and valuation (asking price).

In NFT (sell-buy) arenas, attention is correctly drawn to specific intangibles which the NFT embodies and monetizing same.

Readers are encouraged to recognize this post (@ Business Intangible Asset Blog) represents reliable perspectives – contexts to compare – contrast business things intangible to present day + on-the-horizon NFT transactions.

This post, and each post published @ Business Intangible Asset Blog, is developed, researched, written, and published entirely @ the experienced hand of Michael D. Moberly.

The ‘Business Intangible Asset Blog’ is experientially researched, written, and produced by Michael D. Moberly (since 2006 – over 1100 long form posts) to provide readers (business leaders, management teams, boards, and investors) with reliable perspectives and nuanced insights to distinguish, value, and safeguard particular – business things intangible designated as mission essential.

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