Business Intangible Asset Intensity and Dependence

To be profitable, sustainable, and competitive, businesses are obliged to exploit their intangible assets…with greater frequency, the difference between businesses making a profit and fighting for financial survival, lies with recognizing most businesses are intangible asset intensive and dependent.

It’s also important for business leadership to recognize that…

  • the responsibility to identify, safeguard, and preserve (the value) of those assets and align them with business strategy is solely up to each businesses management team.
  • patents (convention intellectual  property enforcements) no longer represent a deterrent to would-be (global) counterfeiters, misappropriators, or infringers!
  • computer/IT security is not synonymous with protecting – preserving value or sustaining control, use and ownership of knowledge-based assets.
  • the probability a business will experience infringement, insider theft, misappropriation, or costly-time consuming disputes/challenges regarding their assets, is rapidly becoming an inevitability, not merely a probability.
    • the latter is especially relevant…
      • in winner-take-all global business transaction environments when effective and forward looking asset protection practices are not in place or dismissed as not being necessary.
      • as knowledge-based assets are perishable, seldom fully renewable or recoverable, i.e., once they’re gone, they’re probably gone forever!

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