Commercialization of Innovation May Not Outpace Misappropriation…

Michael D. Moberly is a Business Intangible Asset Strategist, Risk Mitigator and Founder – Principal of kpstrat and ‘Business Intangible Asset Blog.

Business founders, principals, management teams, boards, and investors inoffor pioneering products and/or services are (fiduciarily) obliged to…

  • avoid presuming or being-influenced that one’s initiatives, work, and progress is un-seen, un-watched, un-monitored, or un-considered by ill-intentioned predatorial – entrepreneurial competitors and adversaries globally across sectors.

Recognizing (small headedly) how and potential ways one’s work + developments may-will have relevance – application (whole or in part) to advance other R&D projects, initiatives, ventures, and product – service offerings originating elsewhere, is important times ten.

Respectfully – experientially, business leaders, et al, who may be inclined or otherwise become influenced to frame the above otherwise, is dicey – chancy at best, and conveys…

  1. short-sighted perspective and/or unfamiliarity with the predatorial nature + keystroke speed which economic – competitive advantage adversaries monitor + act.
  2. sense of dismissiveness toward these risks, e.g., the predatorial initiatives of economic-competitive advantage adversaries globally that cause business momentum to-be-undermined – disrupted @ substantial cost and time, often repair-ably.
  3. inexperience with business economic – operation realities, e.g., today, and for the foreseeable – future, most-more businesses, irrespective of stage of maturation, size, valuation, or sector are increasingly intangible asset intensive, dependent, and reliant.

This materializes as each business leader,entrepreneur, inventor, innovator and their (business) management teams, boards, and investors, assuming obligations to recognize…

  • bringing their efforts to commercialize-able – sustainable viability is increasingly dependent – reliant on differentiating their ‘mission essential’ intangible assets + ensuring those assets remain intact throughout their respective contributory – materiality – transaction (life-value) cycle.

Competitively – lucratively this translatesto/for (for business operation purposes)introducing – converging – safeguarding…

the right collections, combinations, and collaborations of the right intangible assets, i.e., various forms-contexts-applications of…

  • intellectual capital ala knowledge – know how.
    • structural capital ala processes – procedures.
    • relationship capital ala associations, alliances, and sources, etc.,

at the right time, in the right place, in the right way, at the right cost, and uninhibited by risk (includes provisional – conventionally issued IP.

Forms of business’s use of their intellectual, structural, and relationship capital have uniformly exceeded – outpaced tangible (physical) assets as the dominant sources of valuation, revenue generation capability-capacity, competitiveness, and predicates to sustainability and future wealth creation potential.

Of course, there are other factors – facets to apresumption that a business can invent – innovate – commercialize faster than economic-competitive advantage adversaries can ‘poach’.

On this matter, as I have experientially described in other posts @ ‘Business Intangible Asset Blog’, there is an abundance of evidence of on-going corporate, state sponsored, and independent (a.) business and competitive intelligence (b.) information brokering, (c.) data mining, (d.) cyber espionage, and (e.) economic espionage operations with intensive, persistent, and capable realities of monitoring – assessing – influencing global business innovations and transactions.

Business leaders – investors, et al, inclined to disregard – be dismissive of, or hedge either, based on when-where-why ‘lightning’ (risk) may strike, is becoming less defensible or rationalizable.

The ‘Business Intangible Asset Blog’ is experientially-researched, written, and produced by Michael D. Moberly, to provide perspectives, insights, and additional and sometimes alternative perspectives to readers, ala business leaders, management teams, boards, and investors, etc., to aid in identifying, distinguishing, assessing, valuing, safeguarding, and lucratively – competitively utilizing -applying their ‘mission essential’ intangible assets. 

Readers are-encouraged to review and comment on this, and other posts wherein arrays of issues related to business things intangible are authentically and practically conveyed.

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