Chief Purpose Officer…C-Suite Intangible Coming Soon

Michael D. Moberly, Principal, Founder, kpstrat

The role – contributions – value of a Chief Purpose Officer, are conceivable!

Increasingly less arguable, now and it may likely remain so for the foreseeable future, are various and longstanding (socio-economic-ideological) realisms, which private sector SME’s (small – medium enterprises and professional service firm) leadership and management teams, appear

  1. who previously may have been dis-inclined to argue the practical – impactful relevance of these realisms to their business’ mission or objectives, insofar as affecting(their) competitiveness, revenue generation capability-capacity, sustainability, ala worth of expenditures of personal – relationship capital, now,
  2. may be more receptive – inclined to assess – acknowledge particular – realisms obligatorily and fiduciarily (i.e., time, place, circumstance, attention, adversity, affects, impact, etc.),
  3. probably should and could be reflected – conveyed in business’ mission statements and operating cultures more publicly via words, actions, deeds, practices, strategies, etc.,

For example, leader receptivity to recognizing – concluding some socio-economic-ideological realisms routinely play out and mirror life experiences of (current, future, aspired, and prospective) employees, customers, clients, consumers, stakeholders, and shareholders, ala communities in which an SME serves, and

  • when – if same is framed in contexts which reflect the various contributory roles and value an SME may already be making – influencing in – to the communities its resides, serves, and offers products and services.

Experientially, SME’s (some may wish to argue this point) are now conveying – exhibiting more inclination – receptivity to affirmatively (timely) sensereact to (particularly adverse – offensive) realisms and their effects, perhaps in part because

  • particular –realisms are portrayed – conveyed – characterized as national phenomena, actually –materialize and are felt locally and regionally, and,
  • in this context, (when – if recognized as such) are relevant to an SME’s capability, sustainability, strategy, and presumably, preferred legacy.

Arguably, SME leadership – management teams may be less remote and/or isolated by distance = closer in proximity to and more directly – personally accessible to their consumers, clients, customers, and stakeholders (current, future, projected, and aspired) obliged to report and serve…

  1. not only insofar as the products – services an SME offers, but also to the various outcomes – satisfactions – dis-satisfactions which can variously influence leadership receptivity to,
  2. seeking – receiving first-hand (timely) awareness of (social – economic – ideological) challenges and adversities and ways same materialize – manifest locally and regionally throughout their value chains…

while strategizing ways (for an SME, professional services firm) to continue to be a beneficiary of-to principled positions and desirable – sustainable outcomes being sought.

Leaders – management teams of SME’s s could (may sense a fiduciary obligation to) consider, devoting (more) time, effort, resources, and their (SME’s) relationship capital (ala brand, reputation, and other intangibles) be re-applied in principled ways to…

  • acknowledgereflect significant societal (economic – ideological) challenges and disparities
  • aspireproduce-deliver (long-lived) benefits and outcomes, which can,
  • sustainably transcend conventional thought and past practice.  

Readers here of course, recognize, if – when an SME’s (open source) mission statement and public demeanors convey indifference (trivialization, dismissiveness, ill-consideration of-to) universally – socially – personally offensive and economically repressive realisms same can affect (also @ keystroke speed) an SME’s value – competitive advantage chain.

  • whether ‘the conveyance’ occurred by unintentional error and/or purposeful omission,
  • same will likely and probably already has been interpreted and felt,
  • favorably or unfavorably locally, regionally, and possibly nationally,
    • but now, how – when – if realisms are conveyed in public or social media
    • will more likely be scrutinized by people – online entities which are ready, willing, and capable of keystroke speed responses in accordance with their inclination and/or charge and do it repeatedly to-for receptive audiences.

The role – contributions – value of a Chief Purpose Officer, is conceivable!

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