Intangible Assets & Business

Familiarity With Company Intangible Assets Can Produce Multipliers and Risk Mitigators For Companies!

All too frequently contributions’ intangible assets make to a company are overlooked, neglected, or outright dismissed, and sometimes obscured by the assets’ (a.) absence of physicality, and (b.) not knowing precisely where and how intangibles ‘fit’ on balance sheets. With equal frequency, their proprietary and competitive advantage features go unrecognized and certainly undervalued, or not valued at all.

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Using Intangible Assets To Weather The Recession – Part III

Business decision makers who engage their work in that time honored ‘if it can’t be measured, it can’t be managed’ approach are likely to harbor some misgivings about the role and contributions intangible assets can and do make toward (a company’s) value, revenue, profitability, sustainability, and ultimately their ability to be leveraged to mitigate the real (in your face) financial risks and challenges associated with the recession and a company’s survivability.

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