Business Reputations and Brands ‘Hiding in Plain Sight’

Michael D. Moberly, Principal, Founder, kpstrat

Business reputation and brand sustainability frequently materialize overtime, not-so-much perhaps from a specific creative cubicle, conference room meeting, or focus group, rather

  • via well-intentioned, personal, and felt mission statements, which variously and inelegantly converge overtime,
  • which frame and are eventually recognized as preferred benefits, value-add’s, and ROI’s to – for holders and investors.

kpstrat encourages business reputation and brand be differentiated insofar as contributory roles and value to competitive advantage and revenue generation, e.g.,

  1. the initial framers, describers, and pitchers of a business’s reputation and brand,

should, necessarily be differentiated from

2. on-the-ground, front-line interpreters, converters, messengers, and exhibitors of a business’s reputation – brand,

relative to contributions to a desired- favorable business operating culture

3. further differentiated as collectives – collaboratives of assemblers, distinguishers, explainers, and deliverers for a particular-product and/or service.

any one of which affect how others, i.e., consumers – clients, etc., assigning value.

kpstrat experientially concludes, in circumstances whenif 1, 2, 3 (above) may be variously un-monitored, unattended, and become out-of-sync, represent preludes for risk to reputation – brand likely emerges and potentially cascades at keystroke speeds…

  • perhaps irreversibly, throughout an enterprise to undermine at keystroke speed, the
  • attractivity, value, competitive advantage, and revenue generation capability. of a particular (targeted) product or service.

kpstrat argues (business) leadership and investor’s comparably, are

  • fiduciarily obliged to recognize, characterize, and execute a business’s reputation and brand management safeguards as combinations, collectives, and collaboratives
  • underwritten – enabled by ‘relationship capital’ consistently exhibited – expressed throughout an enterprise by leadership, management teams, and employees, which, in turn,
  • translate – convert same as distinguishable and articulatable competitive advantage and revenue generating ‘operating cultures’

which are evident, in plain sight, not hidden.

Key underliers – foundations to (business) reputation and branding, are obliged to be understood – recognized as always being in…

  • plain view as each is current + prospective consumers and clients,
  • either is vulnerable – receptive to being maliciously and unceremoniously undermined and out paced by arrays of ill-conceived actions and/or adverse behaviors, which can
  • surface, be delivered, and can cascade @ keystroke speed by expanding arrays of (time, place, circumstance) economic – competitive advantage or agenda driven adversaries.

Business leaders – investors inclined to circumstantially – experientially argue there are fiduciarily defensible options or shortcuts to…

  • frame reputation – brand risk vulnerability – probability – critically, and
  • remediation of same merely involves a near term remake and restore,
  • seldom, if ever, should such near-sightedness be construed as sustainably favorable.

kpstrat argues (more likely) the pressurized convenience of that perspective, will likely be assessed ex post facto as wishful – simplistic near-sightedness.

Business reputation – brand risks today, and for the foreseeable future, stem largely from aggressively predatorial, at will, targeted, and keystroke speed sources committed – released online by a range of antagonists, rivals, and/or opponents who wish to create – cause (human) discomfort and (business) harm.

inclinations to understate, defer, or convey dismissiveness to these obvious fiduciary obligations to ‘mitigate sooner than later’ seldom can be miraculously converted…

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