Business Reputation Risk Recovery – Restoration

Michael D. Moberly, Principal, Founder, kpstrat

Reviewing multiple business reputation risk firm websites, its quite clear many apply simplified generalizations to describe…

  1. what, where, how, when (preludes, circumstances) to reputation risk (affecting a business, its leadership, operating culture, products, services, etc.) adversely emerge.
  2. how specific steps taken to mitigate (monitor, manage) designated contributors – causes of reputation risk by applying prescribed offerings – techniques,
  3. produce (require) minimal distractions – disturbances to presumed, more obligatory – pressing business obligations, which conventional – tangible ROI’s attach.

Causation – mitigation of business reputation risk, when framed – marketed in narrow, simplified, one-remedy-fits-all contexts, effectively

  • discountsdismisses the foundationally essential contributions reputational culture, irrespective of business sector.

Respectfully, to those receptive, a business’s reputation is a very valuable intangible asset.

As such (business) reputation translates as qualitativelyquantitatively measurable contributions to (business) value, competitive advantage, revenue generation, wealth creation, and sustainability.

Simplistic – generalized characterizations of business reputation risk (vulnerability, probability, criticality), i.e.,

  1. seldom straight-forwardly subject to differentiation and compartmentation, insofar as mitigation, monitoring, and management,
  2. nor, when primarily conveyed as ‘social media’ era variants, receptive to repair using 2021 versions of (conventional) public relations strategies,

Neither convey experiential soundness or over-the-horizon sustainability.

To be sure, significant sources – origins of business – leadership reputation risk surface – emerge from arrays of social media postings and other online open sources (past and current), i.e., audio, video, etc.,

Inferring either are straight forwardly amenable to across-the-board scouring, erasure, and/or re-framing more favorably…as refreshing as that prospect may appear, probably not-so-much in practicality. It’s likely an adversary – adversaries, or soon-to-be-associates of same, have seen – already saved the relevant evidentiary risk (video – audio).

Is the intent here to encourage readers (should circumstances warrant) to explore such timely options offered by reputation risk firms, absolutely.

Let us not, however, be inclined to frame most business reputation risks as akin to a bacterial infection that presents temporary physical discomfort to a business and/or its leadership. In this context…

  • kpstrat is not familiar with the existence of a generic, one-remedy-fits-all, prescription, ala some combinations of anti-inflammatories and a regimen of amoxicillin-like infection combatant services.

When – if such services are pitched, business leadership is encouraged to avoid construing same as an enterprise-wide inoculation…

  • rather, a temporary – probably near-term prelude to reputation risk mitigation, but
  • what still may be an inevitability, and often, at an adversary’s discretion, not what-fits-best for a business or its leadership.

Readers of this post are respectfully invited to explore other – similar posts, along with books, pamphlets, and papers available @ ‘Business Intangible Asset Blog’ and

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