Business Reputation Risk 2021…third in a series

Michael D. Moberly, Principal, Founder, kpstrat

Business leaders, who, for various reasons, perhaps un-advisedly, convey indifference to business – brand reputation, without acknowledging same underlie – are preludes to pursuing competitive advantage, value, and revenue generation potentials.

The reputation(s) associated with a business and/or a particular – brand, there should be no argument, is an un-arguable prelude to product, service, and business effectiveness, embeddedness, and sustainability…

  • risks to business reputation are fiduciary obligations which expect consistent monitoring, and,
  • seldom, if ever, should indifference to reputation risk be characterized as a viable plan for (brand) longevity or sustainability.

Readers of this series of posts at Business Intangible Asset Blog are obliged to avoid characterizing same as impractical or exuberant advocacy.

  • I am hard pressed to bestow credence to a business practice or assertion, which may, at best, be indifferent to how, when, what circumstances may, and why reputation risks emerge.

Repeatedly – routinely, such perspectives translate as ‘wagers’ which effectively contribute to allowing would-be (obvious) reputation risks…

  • to a business-as-a-whole and/or a particular-brand, along with particular-various processes, transactions, and personnel, etc.
  • to accumulate, simmer, and essentially await probable – near inevitable materialization,
    • at the will and timing of others, at keystroke speeds, which can, and frequently do deliver costly and variously irreversible adversities.

Leader inclinations, which variously forgo recognizing reputation risk may opt to apply risk identification, quantification, and assessment techniques (matrix) for determining – prioritizing action steps.

Broadly, reputationalrisk is often limitedly conceived – characterized as ‘threat or danger to the good name or standing of a business or entity which can occur’…

  • directly, as the result of the actions of the company itself, and/or
  • indirectly, due to the actions of an employee.

To the detriment of untold numbers of business leaders, many aspects of reputation risk, manifest as inclinations to and emphasis on…

  • efforts to manage same after, rather than recognizing and mitigating same before it, almost inevitably, materializes.

To be sure, there are various manifestations which some business leaders, management team members, investors, appear similarly influenced – publicly obliged to justify – rationalize lessor perspectives of – alternatives to safeguarding and mitigating the materialization of reputation risk, in advance, e.g.,

  • various versions of ‘risk is omni-present.
  • can’t be expected to plug all-the-risk-probabilities-all-the-time for every process, transaction, or behavior.
  • risk mitigation is too costly – it sucks-up-too-much time and too-many-resources,
    • this business, its’ claimed, would not be able to achieve its objectives if it became disproportionately focused on…

I respectfully invite readers to consider what some may consider the normative ‘business reputation risk’ perspectives described in this series of posts at Business Intangible Asset Blog.


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