Business Reputation-Mindful Cultures…

Michael D. Moberly, Principal, Founder, kpstrat

Through my lens, as a business intangible asset strategist, leadership and management teams are not obliged to presume it’s necessary to present alternatives and/or tweaks to the following perspective, that

  • essential – preferred outcomes (ROI’s) to ‘business reputation culture’ are obliged to,
  • translate – convert to-for (a.) consumers, users, and (b.) the reputation holder, as (c.) sustainable differentiations of, attractivity to, trust in, and satisfaction with (d.) a particular product, service, and/or brand sooner than later.

The descriptors below are intended (respectfully) to encourage business leadership to recognize – characterize their business’ reputation-minded culture as encompassing…

  • beliefs, opinions, perspectives, etc., which can ethically – operationally embed to favorably influence outcomes and perspectives about (a.) someone or (b.) something.

A reputation-minded business culture perspective put forth here is (experientially) a business can correctly, ethically, operationally, and favorably…

  • influence how, why, and when prospective – sought after customers/clients/consumers seek, differentiate, engage, and
  • can materialize as legitimate – warranted reflections of quality embedded in a business’s products, services, brands, etc.

The contributory value-adds (to a business) arising from reputation minded cultures, also provide resilience to (a business’s) brand, ala its products and services, etc., whenif risk(s) materialize.

Reputation minded operating cultures are all-the-more essential, irrespective of sector, in present day, relative to…

  • predatorially competitive (business) development, operation, and transaction environments, which are irreversibly intertwined, inter-connected, and inter-dependent.

The materialization of reputation risk, and its various manifestations, is obliged to not be considered (vertically, singularly) as mere (subjective – best guess) probabilities, rather such risks are nearing inevitable.

Most reputation risks can be thwarted and mitigated, i.e., depth, breath, cascading, etc., when reputation-minded awareness, oversight, and mitigation are routinely considered and practiced.

I respectfully invite readers to consider the variously unconventional ‘business reputation risk’ perspectives posted (published) @ Business Intangible Asset Blog.


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