Business Reputation – Brand Risk: Mediating Facts vs. Misinformation

Michael D. Moberly, Principal, Founder, kpstrat

Safeguarding – sustaining business brand and reputation represent fiduciarily obligatory practices, fundamental to every business which I am familiar, irrespective of sector, size, revenues, products, or services.

A variously ‘business defining’ challenge affecting reputation + brand sustainability, today, and likely for the foreseeable future, (variously) lie with conveying – differentiating facts relative to shades of purposefully generated misinformation.

Investigative surfacing – exposing (business) operating culture omissions, oversights, short-comings and/or errors in personal judgement and behavior are important and unfortunately, remain necessary.

Let there be no doubt on this matter where, when, how kpstrat stands.

When same maliciously surface and become malevolently exploited at keystroke speed by economic – competitive advantage rivals, adversaries, and/or agenda driven (perhaps ideological) opponents, at their will and their timing, and cascade, outcomes – end points can vary and are seldom definitive in advance.

In this (Business Intangible Asset Blog) post, prudent + practical insights are conveyed regarding these issues affecting (business) leadership, investment, and management (similarly)…

  • each is fiduciarily obliged to consider same insofar as prospectively viable paths to mitigate – mediate business (product, service) vulnerability – probability to and criticality of reputational – brand risk materialization.

Today, and for the foreseeable future, basic facts about adverse actions, omissions, behaviors, etc., which are vulnerable to being unceremoniously brought to light, and, with little prodding, reap doubt about reputation – brand, etc., i.e.,

  • doubt (about a product, service, or it’s deliverers) can be variously stimulated – exacerbated by variations of user – consumer un-receptivity to presumptively agreed-upon realities, which render,
  • otherwise (potentially) stabilizing voices less receptive to deliberating, compromising, and/or framing perspectives (and decision making) through agreed upon sets of facts and operational realities.

Most suggestions – advice (counsel, etc.) these ‘risk circumstances’ are consistently or transaction-ally amenable to mitigation via online – social media adjustments to and/or erasures of personal data and imagery…

  • reflect a narrow, perhaps shallow perspective – characterization of business reputation – brand risk and cascading effects today and going forward.

In kpstat’s view, such perspectives are circumstantially tactical and seldom sustainable enterprise-wide, absent temporary periods of good fortune. Readers are obliged to consider kpstrat’s perspectives, in this and other similar posts, are not mere lecture hall theoretical abstractions, rather experiential reality.

Kathleen Hall Jamieson encourages us to, and by extension, in kpstrat’s view, business leadership (concerned with reputation – brand risks) are obliged to focus on those facts that are most consequential, “there’s a dividing line”, says Jamieson…

“when people start acting on misinformation, when they start acting on misconceptions and endanger others, now you’re in territory where suddenly that becomes a consequential fact.”

Go deeper on this matter in subsequent – previous posts. Please enjoy.

Respectfully, readers are invited to explore other – similar posts, books, and papers available @ ‘Business Intangible Asset Blog’ and

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