Business Reputation 2020…

Michael D. Moberly, Business Intangible Asset Strategist & Risk Specialist

Business reputation, aka brand, through my lens, is appropriately characterized as…

  1. intertwined collectives of variously contributing combinations of intangible (non-physical) assets, i.e.,
  2. structural, relationship, and achievement (human) capital, and mission specific knowledge and knowhow (intellectual capital),
  • which agreeably converge + collaborate, to form operating cultures which repeatedly create, build, and sustain efficiencies, competitiveness, value, and revenue generation opportunities.

This is not to suggest, a business’s reputation and brand, once established and seemingly ensconced with demonstrated resilience overtime, is necessarily permanent or stable.

Years of experiential research on business reputation risk matters, rather clearly demonstrates…

  • arrays of risk producing variables (asymmetric, situational, etc.) originating with social media, purposeful disinformation, trolling, as well as variously expressed utterances and/or behaviors against interest, etc., when captured, and disseminated at keystroke speeds, can cascade, affecting a business, its reputation, brand, and leadership adversely.

Business reputations and brands are obliged to be receptive to routine monitoring, assessment, risk mitigation, fine-tuning, and mending when circumstances warrant = a fiduciary obligation. Preferably, each of which is executed in advance of (reputation) risk materialization.

Business leadership responsible for sustainingbusiness reputation and brand, are also, and simultaneously obliged to be mindful (radar fully engaged) to scour relevant horizons and develop counsel for contingencies, exigencies, and needs to greet + accommodate same with due relevance.

An important objective is to ensure operational culture and practice (ala reputation + brand) are in sync, pliable, and resilient, i.e.,

  • at pace (manneristically) with social, generational, communication, technological and symbolistic expectations, i.e., preferences, passions, and perspectives exhibited by current and perspectives exhibited by successive tiers of users, clients, customers, and/or consumers.


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