Business Rationale to Engage Intangible Assets…

Michael D. Moberly, Principal, Founder kpstrat and ‘Business Intangible Asset Blog

Let there be no doubt, in some countries, differentiating ‘mission essential’ intangible assets which a business has developed, holds, applies, and is dependent – reliant, which they are obliged to steward, oversee, manage, and mitigate risk) are requisites to attracting, negotiating, and securing financial services and investment. Unfortunately, the U.S., is not quite there, yet.

The cost + time (effort) is minimal…to achieve brand (product, service) specific familiarity with intangible assets sufficient to differentiate those which are ‘mission essential’.

  • A reasonable starting point to do so is to read some of the 900+ posts @ Business Intangible Asset Blog.

The contributory roles – value adds of intangible assets…to-for business operations, competitiveness, revenue generation, and valuation, etc., are enjoying broader receptivity and acknowledgement. (Some of which may emerge from readers in 137+/- countries which this blog has been read.)

An experiential unease though…is that the receptivity – acknowledgment – appreciation of-to-for, business things intangible, develops initially at the 5,000-foot altitudes, despite the universal business economic – operation reality that…

  • 70+/-% of most business’s value, sources of revenue, competitiveness, and sustainability, and future wealth creation capability – capacity lie in – emerge directly from intangible (non-physical) assets, not tangible (physical) assets.

The particular – business things intangible which I, kpstrat, and this blog focus are various forms, contexts, and applications of (a.) intellectual (knowledge, knowhow) capital, (b.) structural (process, procedure) capital, (c.) relationship (association) capital, and (d.) how-ways same can – should converge as observable, lucrative, and more competitive business operating cultures, again, irrespective of sector.

Individually – collectively, these ‘universals‘…are obliged to confirm to all audiences, that most businesses operations, valuation, and sources of wealth creation and competitiveness, etc., have variously and irreversibly shifted from…

  • the conventional reliance – dependance on tangible (physical) assets, to
  • an intensity of, and reliance – dependance on intangible (non-physical) assets.

One question repeatedly posited…@ Business Intangible Asset Blog is, what can attribute to these economic – operation realities not resonating – manifesting – materializing more broadly and with a greater sense of exigency among the thousands of SME’s (small, medium size enterprises) and SMM’s (small, medium multinationals) in the U.S. and their leadership, management teams, boards, and investors.

We are reminded that achieving operational familiarity with any business’s intangible assets is wholly unlike seeking – buying circumstance specific insurance…

  • wherein the buyer + underwriter prefer those circumstances – risks will never materialize for the duration of the policy.

We do recognize that purchasing circumstance specific (business, homeowner, automobile) insurance, etc., is a variously institutionalized requisite, e.g., to seeking financial services, and/or attracting investment, etc.

There is absolutely no suggestion here…that business leaders, management teams, boards, and/or investors should be statutorily required, compared to being fiduciarily obliged, to…

  • seek – achieve operational familiarity with and differentiate their ‘mission essential’ intangible assets.

The rapid + sustainable (ROI) benefits…that accrue to every business which I am familiar, following their familiarity with the intangible assets which they rely and depend, will position same to better recognize, capitalize on, and extract more value, competitive advantage, and revenue generation capacity – capability from those assets for longer periods of time, while mitigating risks. That’s a good thing.

Readers of ‘Business Intangible Asset Blog’ are encouraged to review and comment on other posts wherein arrays of issues related to business things intangible are experientially researched and authentically and practically expressed.

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