Business Intangible Assets Pre + Post Pandemic

Michael D. Moberly, Principal, Founder, kpstrat

A pandemic induced recession, wherein conventional models of business development and service delivery are suddenly inhibited by consumer choice is unprecedented.

The current, on-going, unrelenting, and asymmetrically inclusionary adverse effects Covid-19 presents to conventional in-personage business, is not convincingly addressed in economic literature or most research, aside from histrionic positions.

The relevance of the latter does not ring to-for current generations of business leadership of businesses which are reliant on demand and supply of in-personage consumerism.

Respectfully, when ‘a business is already up to its neck in alligators, conceding the coulda, woulda, shoulda benefits of draining the pond first’ may appear irrelevant and challenging to appreciate, especially amid successive quarters of variously acute and largely un-recoverable business financial stress..

In some respects, there appears no shortage of ‘do it now’ perspectives, ideas, and variously dramatized advice + near term strategies (paths) for businesses and their leadership to mitigate, what most businesses which in-persononage remains a sector mainstay and/or requisite, i.e., tofor product – service purchase, consumption, and/or delivery.

For businesses and their leadership, which previously (immediately pre ceding or following the onset of this pandemic), may have been un-receptive or unable, for various legitimate reasons, to sustainably adapt, mid-pandemic, or modify their product – service (delivery) model and environment, to reflect the evolving + mid-pandemic circumstances.

The good thing is, most businesses still possess – hold influentially attractive, valuable, and competitive ‘intangible assets’, i.e., brand, reputation, and goodwill, etc., which now, not inconceivably, may be re-imagined, re-contexted, and re-applied to deliver (to-for their rightful holder) value, competitiveness, and previously un-recognized capacities to generate sustainable sources of revenue.

Since the sudden pandemic induced economic reversals commenced, there have been various business management playbook perspectives produced that describe the proverbial ’10 quick and easy steps to success’, ala  convey ‘shovel ready’ strategies to counter and mitigate (some or all) adverse effects related to the current pandemic.  

While many of those playbooks indeed have merit, I encourage readers (here, now) to recognize that today, tomorrow, and for the foreseeable future (post pandemic)…

…it will remain an economic fact that 80+/-% of most businesses value, competitiveness, resilience potential, value, and sources of revenue derive directly from – lie in various forms of business things intangible, ala brand, reputation, image, and goodwill, etc. and

…each manifests’ and materialize via convergence of intellectual, structural, and relationship capital developed and applied initially by business’s employees = operating culture.

So, sensing dismissiveness of, or even partial post-pandemic economic recovery is too elusive to pursue…I encourage all to discuss this further, by, among other things, (a.) seeking + reading other posts @ this blog and (b.) shop for particular booklets deemed relevant @ this website, or (c.) merely contact me directly.

Respectfully written for your review.


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