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Michael D. Moberly, Principal, Founder, kpstrat

Perhaps first, it is important to recognize that large (growing) percentages of business’s globally, irrespective of sector, i.e., their development, various operations, marketing strategy, competitiveness, revenue generation capability, and sustainability, etc., are now, irreversibly, intangible asset intensive and dependent.

It is not a ‘leap of faith’ to conclude, or argue perhaps, that every business leader, entrepreneur, developer, prospective investor, and transaction management team member, et al, are now and for the foreseeable future, (fiduciarily) obliged to recognize and differentiate…

  • how, when, where, why, and under what circumstances collectives and collaboratives of business things intangible, i.e., various forms, contexts, applications, convergences-collaborations, and inputs of intellectual, structural, and relationship capital,
  • shouldcan be applied (at the right time, the right place, and in the right way) to produce and deliver more value-adds, i.e., efficiencies, competitive advantages, scale, and opportunities for generating new and sustainable streams of revenue.

If – when business leadership, et al, presume (their) professional curiosity, effort, and time expended to be consistently mindful of business things intangible

  • represents a tolerable option, rather than a (fiduciary) obligation.

I am hard pressed to concede doing so will translate as good business strategy.

Those business leaders, developers, entrepreneurs, prospective investors, and business valuation practitioners, et al, who exhibit a preference to hold this, or similar presumptions, unfortunately and variously should expect same will translate as…

  • operational – brand satisfaction to overlook, be dismissive of, and/or sense there should be hesitancy to
    • recognize, differentiate, assess, and otherwise, more aggressively exploit
    • the contributory roles and value routinely emerging from – produced by business things intangible.

Too, such presumptions, I have routinely observed, are likely to materialize, perhaps metastasize, as strategic inhibitors to sustaining competitiveness and experiencing (business) growth.

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