Business Intangible Asset Curriculum…

Michael D. Moberly, Intangible Asset Strategist & Risk Specialist

Curriculum outcomes translate as forward looking relevance to business operation, i.e.,

  • introduction of successive and new generations of business (operation, communication) technology reflecting business intangible asset intensity and dependency.
  • application of AI (artificial intelligence), ML (machine learning), and social media – communication platforms.
  • post pandemic (Covid-19) realities, i.e., preferences, attitudes, and guidelines related to (a.) sector expectations, and obligations, i.e., product-service delivery and innovation chains, (b.) resilience and functionality of same, and (c.) prudence of and receptivity to re-shoring.

Also, this business intangible asset curriculum…

  1. adds essential (cross-sector)dimensions = expertise and ethical contexts, seldom addressed elsewhere and specific to business things intangible.
  2. demonstrates strategies to mitigate risk to mission essential IA’s, i.e., vulnerability, probability, and criticality to compromise, misappropriation, and infringement, etc.
  3. distinguishes (a.) conventionally issued intellectual property enforcements, from (b.) computer/IT security, from (c.) intellectual, structural, and relationship capital designated as proprietary and/or trade secrets.
  4. differentiates risks to proprietary business things intangible, presented by (a.) global competitive-business intelligence operations, i.e., variants of economic espionage (independent, state/corporate sponsored), and (b.) commercial data mining – acquisition products and methodologies, and (c.) insider adversaries.
  5. aligns business strategic planning and decision making with (a.) IA’s contributory role, value, and functionality (life) cycles, and (b.) developing and positioning business IA’s to attract investment, trade, and opportunities.

This business things intangible curriculum…

  • recognizes the validity of the economic fact that 80+% of most business’s value, competitive advantage, revenue generation capacity, sustainability, goodwill + reputation, originateare driven by intangible assets, i.e., various forms of intellectual, structural, and relationship capital.
  • builds capacity to exploit business things intangible contributory roles and value as preludes to lucrative – competitive operations and transactions, wherever, whenever, and however IA’s are in play, i.e.,
  • affords confidence to lead and manage IA intensive and dependent businesses, i.e., convert mission essential IA’s to sources of revenue, value, and competitive advantage, reputation, and brand while recognizing (fiduciary, ethical) obligations.

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