Business Intangible Asset Curriculum…

Michael D. Moberly, Intangible Asset Strategist & Risk Specialist

The following curriculum differentiators translate to individual and business specific benefits = ROI…

Respectfully, my experiences suggest, there remain many businesses, and their leadership and management teams, who exhibit various levels of unfamiliarity with regard to their business’ transition from operational dependence on conventional tangible (physical) assets, e.g., property, equipment, inventory, etc., to dependence on + intensity of consistent infusions of intangible (non-physical) assets, e.g., primarily intellectual, structural, and relationship capital.

Respectfully as well, the content + delivery of this curriculum…

  1. recognizes the validity of the economic fact that 80+% of most business’s value, competitive advantage, revenue generation capacity, sustainability, goodwill + reputation, originateare driven by intangible assets, i.e., various forms of intellectual, structural, and relationship capital.
  2. builds awareness for – capability to repeatedly distinguish and exploit IA’s various contributory roles and value = preludes to lucrative + competitive operations and transactions, wherever, whenever, and however IA’s are in play, i.e.,
  3. converting mission essential IA’s to sources of revenue, value, and competitive advantage, reputation, and brand.
  4. affording confidence to lead + manage IA intensive and dependent businesses.
  5. recognizing (fiduciary) obligations associated with development + exploiting business things intangible.
  6. acknowledges (fiduciary) obligations related to IA acquisition + development + safeguards + risk mitigation + exploitation are collaboratively intertwined with business decision-making + strategic planning, best not solely framed as a legal process or an accounting issue.

Respectfully too, this curriculum = a relevant entree + segue for…

  • recognizing consistent infusions and development of IA’s are essential componentsto strategy.
  • projecting a favorable business stature (a.) among stakeholders, investors, and supply/value chain partners, etc., and (b.) attract attention beyond most business’s conventional market sector and/or sphere of influence.
  • advancing business continuity – contingency resilience planning.
  • prioritizing proprietary IA safeguards + conventional risk management resources.
  • achieving timely awareness to pursue IA compromises – infringement w/o impeding business momentum.

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