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Investors, business leadership, boards, and management team members are obliged to recognize (concede) that lucrative – competitive advantage operations and transaction outcomes, are dependent on the authenticity, sustainability, dependability, and defensibility of the contributory role + value of whatever intangible assets (ala variations of intellectual, structural, and relationship capital) are in play, i.e., being developed, exploited – leveraged, bought, sold, traded, and/or licensed, etc.

To do less, in my experiential judgement, is imprudent, variously reckless, and will likely, add unnecessary risk to innovation, operations, and transactions which are dependent on the collaborative integration + execution of specific intangible assets.

Similarly, endeavors to re-purpose and/or extend the life – value – materiality cycle of particular-business things intangible in play, will likely weaken, be receptive to being undermining, if not irretrievably succumb to various risks, should the business operating principle of intangible asset intensity and dependency be overlooked or dismissed.

An effective advantage to mitigating the various risks conveyed above is seeking + achieving operational familiarity with business (specific) intangible assets, all presented in a respectful and collaborative convergence context.

This curriculum brings operational clarity to businesses proprietary and competitive advantage knowhow (intangibles) originating from collaborations + convergence of intellectual, structural, and relationship capital and conventionally issued intellectual properties to be efficiently and effectively utilized and exploited.

The business things intangible curriculum is a timely (ROI) entrée for business leadership to develop and execute relevant perspectives + practices necessary to achieving levels of asset stewardship and oversight which reflect today’s tightly wound business (transaction) global environment and their respective, business operation and culture specific intangible assets.

A mission essential differentiator of the business things intangible curriculum lies in consistently acknowledging the economic fact – business reality that today, and for the foreseeable future, 80+% of most business’s value, sources of revenue, and ‘building blocks’ for innovation, growth, and profitability lie in – evolve directly from intangible assets.


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