Assessing Reputation Risk to Business 2021

Michael D. Moberly, Principal, Founder, kpstrat

I hold the view, that every business irrespective of sector or size, is (fiduciarily) obliged to seek, secure, and exhibit (cultural, operational) consensus…

  • insofar as describing, perhaps differentiating components which individually – collectively comprise and will likely contribute to sustaining, not necessarily premising, their reputation.

The descriptors below, are respectfully intended to aid (not necessarily guide) in characterizing business reputation, ala reputation can encompass, among other things…

  • beliefs, opinions, perspectives, etc., which emerge and variously embed, and then influence, in some instances, rapidly – immediately,
  • stemming from particular – reasons and/or experiences, and ultimately judgments, which in turn, variously
  • shape – influence, and come-to-be-held about (a.) someone or (b.) something, e.g., a business’s operating culture which,
    • influence howwhy customers/clients/consumers are engaged, and
    • reflect products, services, brands, etc., a business offers.

I wish there be agreement, that a business’s reputation can – does translate, convert, and fluctuate, economically and competitively, to

  • affect a business’s attractivity to-for stakeholders, and (a business’s respective) value – supply chain, e.g.,
    • ifwhen business reputation risks materialize, the affects often manifest favorably – dis-favorably (adversely), and
    • may be relatively short-lived, variously permanent, and/or irreversible.

Of course, there are arrays – multitudes of intertwined, intervening, and influencing variables and exacerbations which can, and frequently do affect all – either.

New, emerging, early-stage businesses, which I am particularly familiar, reputation emerges (is variously crafted, built, and underwritten) albeit, often seemingly haphazardly and with an imposed sense – desire of urgency…

  • by and with collections and collaborations of intertwining intangible assets, primarily, forms, contexts, and applications of structural (process) and relationship (cultural) capital, each
    • variously developed, exhibited, and emanating from – by internal influences, preferably to be,
    • recognized, differentiated, and appreciated externally as relevant and necessary value-add contributions.

I respectfully invite readers to consider the variously unconventional ‘business reputation risk’ perspectives posted (published) @ Business Intangible Asset Blog.

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