There are many questions, challenges, and complications ‘on-the-horizon – under-the-radar’ yet to be wholly discussed regarding AI, which I pose here as a business intangible asset strategist and risk mitigator.

That is, how and by how much AI will affect determinations of origin, rightful ownership, valuation, salability, and transferability, etc., of business’s proprietarily developed – held intangible assets and IP, because AI has become a dominant ‘creative’.

This content-module is intended to encourage additional thinking about some probable effects AI proliferation will inevitably bring, among other things to determining – assessing – valuing the origin, development process, holder – owner status, legitimacy of proprietary status, and valuation of business’s intangible assets designated as ‘mission – operation – transaction essential’ , including IP (intellectual property).

Explaining – defining AI is neither simple nor straightforward. Seldom do I find a singularly complete definition or universally confident sense of what AI is, nor the array of circumstances – applications AI may become intertwined, if not dominant.

I take some solace via former U.S. Supreme Court associate justice Potter Stewart’s non-definition of obscenity: “I know it when I see it.” I do not take solace (as a business intangible asset strategist – risk mitigator) in the proliferation and applications of AI succumbing to we’ll address those issues later when they materialize in large scale which will elevate the complexity – difficulty to tame, domesticate by geographic boarder, and otherwise mitigate or reclaim, ex post facto.

The probable adversities – challenges which AI already – inevitably brings to this arena of verifying – validating intangible asset use and ownership which includes unraveling, determining – assessing the origin, development, proprietary status, and valuation of IP and ‘mission – operation – transaction essential’ business things intangible, warrants our attention.

  • Especially as rising percentages of business’s valuation, competitiveness, revenue generation capability, and sustainability, etc., lie in – emerge directly from inputs of business things intangible and substantially less so from conventional tangible – physical assets, e.g., property, equipment, machines, vehicles, building, etc.

Every AI contributor – practitioner whom I hold familiarity affirm AI will contribute to producing analytical – decisional products and outcomes which each business sector, and society-as-a-whole will find attractive, useful, and obliged to be tested and considered.

Let there be no debate, many facets – nuances of when, where, how, and why AI can be integrated – applied have yet to be speculated – researched – revealed – realized by AI proponents and prospective investors.

We are also obliged to recognize countless facets of AI are already embedded in, among other things, our online social media interactions with are more advanced facets awaiting to be imagined – introduced term that will influence speed to product – service differentiation and selection, etc., and countless others I am unable to imagine or perhaps recognize the presence.

Whether – how AI developers, users, beneficiaries, recipients, (society-in-general) may be influenced to frame its relevance to consider the possibility of partitioning particular-AI search pathways to…

  • mitigate the exposure, vulnerability, probability, and criticality that safeguarded – proprietary content is not readily revealable to the globally nefarious who seek ways to apply AI adversely.

Viewed through the lens of this business intangible asset strategist – risk mitigator, I am confident that well-conceived – framed AI searches, for example will continue to serve as pathways for nefarious (economic – competitive advantage) adversaries to reveal-ascertain-conclude the content of a targeted…

  1. patent (beyond what is present in a patent application).
  2. trade secret, e., a practice, process, procedure, or protocol, etc. which has been duly designated, and/or
  3. proprietarily developed – held intellectual capital (knowledge, knowhow), structural capital (processes, procedures), and/or relationship capital (associations, interactions) in the various forms, contexts, applications, and uses,
    • can be revealed absent risk, cost, and time associated with conventional R&D and marketing, etc.

Also, business leaders, management teams, boards, investors, and entrepreneurs alike, are (fiduciarily) obliged to consider how astutely framed AI inquiries may mischievously and/or nefariously be used to…

  1. surmise insights to – reveal conclusions of otherwise proprietarily held business processes, procedures, practices, and strategies.
  2. dilutedestabilize – undermine the valuation, competitiveness, and benefits to be produced by certain proprietarily developed – held information including patents and trade secrets.
  3. as entrees for economic – competitive advantage adversaries to glean sufficient familiarity with a business’s proprietary matters – processes, etc., to replicate same elsewhere, with less risk.
  4. to circumvent – side-step conventional deterrents, enforcement remedies related to infringement and/or misappropriation of issued IP.
  5. encourage nefarious entities to seek-collect specific business – R&D content for the purpose of sewing business-project-leader specific misinformation narratives to drive reputational risks. 
  6. undermine deterrent features of employee NDA’s (non-disclosure agreements) and/or confidentiality agreements.
  7. disrupt conventional R&D monetization-commercialization strategies related to capital investment.

This content-module for professional development – advancement encourages consideration be given to how + ways AI can advance a business, and conversely, how + ways AI may be used to disrupt – undermine a business’s momentum and valuation.

The ‘Business Intangible Asset Blog’ is experientially researched, written, and published by Michael D. Moberly since 2006, with1100+ (long form) posts providing readers, ala business leaders, management teams, entrepreneurs, boards, and investors, et al, across sectors, with current – relevant perspectives and nuanced insights on matters related to business things intangible.



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