A Re-Imagined Professional Development Curriculum

Michael D. Moberly

‘Business Things Intangible’

This re-imagined professional development curriculum correctly reflects, i.e., delivery + outcomes…

Obliges participants to be mindful that (a.) repeated infusions, (b.) effective development, and (c.) ethical exploitation of a business’s IA’s (intangible assets), are (d.) universally and irrevocably relevant to business value, competitiveness, revenue generation capacity, growth, resilience, and sustainability. And, IA’s assets’ contributory roles and value to business operability, post pandemic, will, most certainly, intensify, not diminish!

Encourages participants to define – frame their (a.) frequently nuanced, (b.) culturally developed, and (c.) business specific, IA’s to

  • ethically + effectively reflect (current – future) consumer – user (pandemic influenced) FUD factors, i.e., fears, uncertainties, and doubts,
  • align same with (business) operability.
  • elevate operational resilience, and
  • present + deliver products – services that reflect user-consumer expectations befitting post-pandemic (Covid-19) environments.

Describes the contributory roles, value, competitiveness, and revenue generation capacity, etc., emerging from – produced by business things intangible, ala various forms and applications of intellectual, structural, and relationship capital, as not being unique or relevant only to economically advantaged (developed) businesses, sectors, or countries, ala the EU + NA + ME + SE Asia + BRICSA (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa).

Recognizes business things intangible are essential components to successful business operations globally.

25+ years of my experiential research, professional engagements, observations, and university teaching, variously related tobusiness things intangible,reveal, among other things, some convention laden rules and practices have variously impeded, perhaps stymied, some businesses and their leadership from an (independent) obligation to seek a more complete (current, relevant) portrait regarding the contributory roles, value, and competitive influences, etc., of IA’s.

Arguably, some time-honored accounting rules (standards) variously convey indifference to the economic fact – business operation realities that (a.) 80+% of most businesses value, sources of revenue, and competitiveness derive from IA’s, and (b.) IA’s are independent + measurable contributors to business value, competitiveness, and revenue generation, and (c.) growing percentage of businesses (globally) are irreversibly – operationally IA intensive and dependent

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