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Michael D. Moberly, Principal, Founder kpstrat – A Business Intangible Asset Strategy and Risk Mitigation Collaborative – Business Intangible Asset Blog: A Reliable Source About Business Things Intangible Since 2006

This professional development curriculum draws participant’s attention to the various forms-contexts-applications of (businesses) intangible asset, i.e.,

  • intellectual capital (knowledge and knowhow).
  • structural capital (new-unique processes, and procedures), and
  • relationship capital (alliances, associations, and relationships).

This curriculum demonstrates how and various ways each

  • contributes to (business, product, service) attractivity, satisfaction, and operating culture standing.
  • translates to competitiveness and competitive advantages.
  • influences revenue generation capability-capacity.
  • supports brand valuation.
  • attracts investors – investment.

The content + messaging of this professional development curriculum

  • is embedded with well researched rationales, experiential clarity, and relevancy to reflect + enhance participants’ experience.
  • aligns with (intangible asset ‘best practices’ for) premiumization, ala development, valuation, and commercialization of particular business things intangible, which coincide with safeguards and risk mitigation.
  • encourages businesses across sectors to consider (intangible assets) fiduciarily prudent, relevant, and
  • enhances conventional (business asset management) practices by differentiating which, when, where, and how particular intangible assets contribute to irrespective of (business) sector, size, stage, products-services, standing, or location.

 This curriculum is partition-able, adapt-able, and converge-able

To reflect particular – needs, circumstances, and experiences of businesses and audiences and is framed – delivered for participant understanding – application and presented in ‘foundational – circumstantial sequence’ as a prelude for participants to achieve ‘operational familiarity – comfort – confidence’ with business things intangible in which 80+% of most business’s sources of valuation, competitiveness, and revenue generation capability lie.

This curriculum includes experientially specific content (as examples – for discussion) to reflect participants’ position, experiences, circumstances, and responsibilities related to various business things intangible which invariably – inevitably will be in play and likely, at risk in most (business) projects, new initiatives, and/or transactions.

This curriculum advocates business things intangible assets(consistently) appear on ‘radar screens’, because

  1. Slight advances, small refinements, minor improvements can afford business’s significant competitive advantages over their market rivals. Christopher R.J. Pace adapted by Michael D. Moberly
  2. Time frames when the most value – competitiveness can be extracted – monetized – realized from intangible assets and IP is shrinking…Weston Anson, CONSOR
  3. Economics of intangible asset – IP misappropriation, infringement, etc., are now embedded in many countries GDP and market-specific dominance.  Michael D. Moberly
  4. Unlike patents, trademarks, and copyrights there are no certificates issued by the government that says these are your ‘mission essential’ intangible assets that deliver – sustain valuation, competitiveness, and sources of revenue, proprietary competitive advantages.
  5. Conventionally issued IP (patent, copyright, trademark enforcements), no longer serve as stand-alone deterrents to economic – competitive advantage – misinformation adversaries.  Michael D. Moberly
  6. Aggressively predatorial business intelligence – data mining – misinformation – economic espionage operations can create havoc, cascade, and undermine asset – brand valuation, competitive advantage, and revenue generation capability @ keystroke speed and at the earliest stages of asset development – commercialization – monetization. Michael D. Moberly
  7. Valuation – competitiveness of ‘mission essential’ intangible assets – IP is perishable and largely non-renewable, if compromised, hemorrhaging can commence immediately, globally, and seldom ‘can the genie be put back in its bottle’.  Michael D. Moberly
  8. Computer/IT security is seldom synonymous with safeguarding IP and business’s ‘mission essential’ intangible assets.  Michael D. Moberly
  9. Business’s ‘mission essential’ intangible assets are not just another risk of doing business. They are (fiduciary) obligations. Left unchecked (risk) probabilities materialize as inevitabilities. Michael D. Moberly

Curriculum participants can find it useful to examine ‘Business Intangible Asset Blog’ post (as well as papers, video, etc.) for topic-issue specific clarity, relevance, context, and application – discussion (during delivery). A review of blog posts may also draw participants’ attention to a current – anticipated (nuanced) needs and/or preferences for examination and discussion.

Continuing education credit for engaging this professional development curriculum can serve as a ‘value add’ to both a business and curriculum participants, i.e., its professionally relevant – delivered (graduate level) content with expectations for authentic (personal-professional) advancement.

Business sponsors and curriculum participants are encouraged to consider – pursue avenues for (continuing education credit) as they wish with professional associations – societies and/or higher education institutions.

Note This curriculum is developed – delivered by a 20+ year academic with strong teaching – research – and practical professional credentials who is a published subject matter expert. The ‘resources’ section of this curriculum describe

For additional context readers are encouraged to examine kpstrat.com, videos, and posts @ Business Intangible Asset Blog.

‘Business Intangible Asset Blog’ is experientially researched, written, and published by Michael D. Moberly since 2006, with1100+ (long form) posts providing readers, ala business leaders, management teams, entrepreneurs, boards, and investors, et al, across sectors, with current – relevant perspectives and nuanced insights on matters related to business things intangible.

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