When Do Business Intangible Assets Resonate…

Michael D. Moberly, Principal, Founder, kpstrat

Please consider how each of us are (fiduciarily) obliged to attach relevance to these business

  • operation realitiesmost are (have become) irreversibly intangible asset intensive, dependent, and reliant.
  • economic realitiesfor most businesses (80+%), their primary sources of value, wealth creation, competitive advantage, and revenue generation, lie inemerge directly from
  • converging, exploiting, mitigating risk, and safeguarding the sustainability of ‘mission essential’ intangible assets, i.e., relevant
    • applications (forms, contexts) of intellectual, structural, relationship, and cultural capital.

Respectfully, leadership inclinations which characterize either reality (above) as mere sector specific trends, not irreversible economic facts and operational necessities across sectors, would, at minimum, convey short-sightedness, will likely witness same, at some point (near term)

  • materialize as strategically detrimental to a business’ development, competitiveness, value, revenue generation capability, and sustainability.

Also, respectfully, each of us are (fiduciarily) obliged to not characterize either reality, will (standing alone, consistently) influence business leadership buy in and strategize accordingly.

Experientially, some (certainly not all) business leaders, i.e., management team members, boards, brand strategists/managers, legal counsel, valuators, and investors (current, prospective), etc.,

  • become receptive to seeking and pursuing perspectives which veer from convention or past practice, e.g., differentiating which, how, when to
    • acquire – introduce, develop, exploit, and safeguard particular – business things intangible relative to their contributory roles to achieving aspired outcomes to an initiative or venture, and
    • translate same to marshalling – adjusting business resources accordingly, ala strategic thinking and planning, etc.

Two elusive underliers to each-of-the-above are related to business leader and influencer…

  1. recognition of (their respective) ‘momentum stuck points’ which variously manifest as risks, challenges, and/or impediments, some of which are presented by convention and past practice which may not wholly recognize or be dismissive of business things intangible, hence
  2. receptivity to considering the application of legitimate – viable options – alternatives, ala exploiting existing business things intangible, especially when same may be interpreted as a departure from current (business – leadership) strategy, plan, counsel, or past practice.

Presumably, there is no debate, that (leader) recognition + receptivity are admirable requisites, perhaps more so,

  • when there is absolutely no presumption inferred that a business leader is obliged to express (personal, professional) defeat or error
    • relative to what may have been a previous hesitancy or reluctance to recognize – be receptive earlier.

We are obliged to ask, how – when – under what circumstances do alternatives to convention resonate toforwith a business leader…

  • insofar as translatingas relevant and potentially viable, and obligatory considerations which, if executed, will likely deliver benefits and ROI’s,
    • which here-to-fore may have been overlooked, discouraged, or dismissed,
    • but now (suddenly, quickly) warrant (decisive) pivoting to something different, i.e., a departure from a previous past practice or strategy.

Respectfully, I routinely wonder why entrepreneurially oriented forward lookers may be attracted to a particular TED Talk, i.e., listen – hear a scripted and vetted perspective with same rapidly influencing action, e.g., is it the right message, received at the right time, in the right place, in-the-company-of a presumably similarly minded audience?

When business leaders finds themselves in a position in which they may not wholly understand or sense an obligation to seek clarity to the intricacies – complexities of, for example, selling publicly traded stocks short, vis-à-vis ‘GameStop’ this past week…

  • the absence of understanding or acquiescing to the probability of misunderstanding, should not equate to same being irrelevant.

Recognition of and receptivity to viable and legitimate business strategy options should be less vulnerable to – a reflection of the subjectivities of generationally influenced views regarding (business venture) development, marketing, investing, and execution.

I respectfully invite readers to consider reviewing the variously unconventional business things intangible perspectives posted (published) @ Business Intangible Asset Blog.

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