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Awareness – Alertness  Accountability

For Sustaining control, use, ownership and value of intellectual property, trade secrets, sensitive-proprietary information…

Customized for… Users/Handlers  -  Managers,  C-Suites  -  Boards and ‘Telephone Coaching’

Contact Mr. Moberly to discuss the specific training needs for your company…
Mr. Moberly’s twenty years as a professor at Southern Illinois University and consultancy founder laid the foundation to become a respected trainer - educator on a range of business topics/subjects related to the stewardship, protection and value of intellectual property, intangible assets, proprietary know how, brand integrity and competitive advantages.

If you would like to engage Mr. Moberly for ‘telephone coaching’ or to conduct two hour, half day, or full day training/seminars for your company or professional association please contact him for scheduling and pricing.  For particular topics which Mr. Moberly addresses please refer to the subject matter conveyed in the titles of the ‘Briefing Papers for Training’ on this website.

Our training…

  • Can be delivered via ‘telephone coaching’, on-site or on-line formats
  • Is customizable for a broad cross-section of business – transaction circumstances
  • Rapidly infuses relevant current events – circumstances to proactively address emerging issues
  • Produces strong multipliers (results) that can be leveraged to favorably affect other (financial, legal, risk management, security, etc.) business units and/or operations

Our training program…

  • Can merge – compliment existing in-house (corporate university) training programs
  • Applicable to various categories of users and/or human resource circumstances
    - current employees, new hires, temps, contractors, consultants
    - exit-termination interviews
    - refreshers-updates
  • Strong emphasis on user accountability to address:
    - risky habits-behaviors that contribute to losses and compromises
    - proper handling of sensitive information, intellectual property, trade secrets, and proprietary know how – competitive advantages
  • Sensitive – respectful of international business culture
  • Incorporates due diligence requisites for (state) trade secret statutes, Economic Espionage Act, and ISO 17799 best practices and is consistent with Sarbanes-Oxley
  • Introduces a ‘code of conduct’ for users/handlers

Training benefits – deliverables…

  • Serves as a effective prelude to companies competing for classified government contracts
  • Positions companies to aggressively pursue instances of information asset theft, misappropriation, compromise and more timely alerts to information vulnerabilities and loss detection capability
  • Gives specificity and relevance to non-disclosure, confidentiality, and non-compete contracts for employees
  • Serves as a platform to strengthen – leverage customer and vendor relationships and harness external networking necessities
  • More efficient use of patent/IP counsel, i.e., concentrate those services on actual IP matters rather than remedial, corrective, and/or user education