IP Rights Enforcement Act 2007
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I believe the IPREA (S-522) should include strong language that encourages U.S. businesses to seek - receive specific training to aid their company to 'sustain control, use, ownership, value, and brand integrity of their IP and proprietary know how' as a requisite to engaging in international transactions.  The ultimate defense to counterfeiting and piracy is awareness, alertness and education!

Absent the insertion of business education provisions in S-522 that would specifically encourage U.S. businesses to assume more direct responsibility for 'sustaining control' of their IP, intangibles, and brand when engaged in international transactions, i.e., countries on the USTR's 301 Watch List (for example) it is unlikely that U.S. businesses will realize any near term benefits from this proposed bill.


ASIS Trends and Solutions Conference Presentation
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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Mr. Moberly along with Cynthia Hetherington, Managing Director, AON, will be making at presentation at ASIS 'Trends and Solutions' conference on May 19th titled 'Investigative Due Diligence for Information Asset Protection'.  Today, due diligence must be much more than snap-shots-in-time and confirmatory reviews using generic checklists.  Due diligence protocols and practices must be tailored to identify, unravel, and assess (value) of the often embedded and under-the-radar intangible assets, intellectual property and proprietary competitive advantages which collectively comprise as much as 75% of an organizations' real sources of revenue and value.

Intellectual Property - Federal Enforcement Has Generally Increased
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U.S. Government Accountability Office Report

Five key agencies play a role in IP enforcement, and their enforcement functions include seizures, investigations, and prosecutions. While IP enforcement is generally not their highest priority, IP crimes with public health and safety risk, such as production of counterfeit pharmaceuticals, is an IP enforcement priority at each agency.  Determining agencies' IP enforcement resources is challenging because few staff are dedicated to this area, and not all agencies track staff time spent on IP enforcement. 

To view the full product, including the scope and methodology, go to GAO-08-157 or, for more information contact Loren Yager at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


Intangible Assets: Measuring and Enhancing Their Contribution to Corporate Value and Economic Growth
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May 15, 2008 - The National Academy of Sciences is hosting the above titled program on June 23, 2008 in which program materials state, 'U.S. investments in intangibles, according to a 2006 Federal Reserve Board staff analysis, exceeds all investment in tangible property and, if properly accounted for, would raise productivity growth significantly.  Increasingly, intangibles are a principal driver of the competitiveness of U.S.-based firms, economic growth, and opportunities for American workers.' 

An often overlooked aspect to the burgeoning intangible asset economy is how to sustain control, use, ownership, and value of those (intangible) assets.  Read Mr. Moberly's website and blog to learn more about intangible assets and their protection, preservation, monitoring and valuation.

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