The Looming and Persistent Challenges Posed By Insiders...
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This was the title of a presentation Mr. Moberly recently made to seventy-five global security professionals for a Fortune 500 company.  Mr. Moberly emphasized that as a company's profitability, sustainability, global market position, and future wealth creation are increasingly and inextricably linked to 'information-knowledge based assets' the will and resources necessary to appropriately and effectively address (mitigate) the significant and persistent challenges presented by insiders should become a routinely visited and monitored fixture on every company's dashboard!
Security Manage's Roadmap For Identifying - Protecting Intangible Assets And Intellectual Property:
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Mr. Moberly made a presentation to ASIS International' 2008 Annual Seminar and Exhibits on September 15th titled 'Security Managers Roadmap to Identifying and Protecting Intangible Assets and Intellectual Property'.

Mr. Moberly's presentation focused on aiding attendees (a.) to recognize what intangible assets are, (b.) know where intangible assets are embedded within a firm, (c.) how to unravel and assess intangibles, (d.) relationship between intangible assets and compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley and FASB, (e.) recognizing how intangibles and IP are literally in play in most every business transaction, and (f.) how to develop a corporate culture that recognizes-respects asset value, and understands intangibles' contributions to value and revenue.

SANS Institute Director of Research Speaks to Information Asset Protection Council
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Written by Michael D. Moberly, Chair, ASIS International, Information Asset Protection Council

 Alan Paller, Director of Research, SANS Institute spoke to ASIS International' Information Asset Protection Council 'monthly conference call meeting' on June 13th on the subject of 'cyber espionage'.  Mr. Paller and his SANS colleagues had recently completed a study on 'cyber espionage'.  Council members were very receptive to the studies' findings and Mr. Paller's experienced insight and candid perspective on the looming risks-threats related to cyber espionage.

Trade Secrets Recognized As Intangibles
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Michael D. Moberly May 29, 2008

The Ohio Supreme Court ruled (February, 2008) that the use of protected trade secret information by a former employee who had memorized it during his employment violated the state's trade secret law. (Al Minor & Assoc., Inc. v. Martin, Slip Opinion No. 2008-Ohio-292)

The Court held that use of trade secret information does not lose its character as a trade secret (under USTA) merely because a former employee memorized it rather than writing it down or copying it in some other tangible medium.

For professionals charged with protecting and monitoring trade secrets and other proprietary information and know how, this ruling draws attention to many issues, three of which are:

Competitor Intelligence Firm Searches U.S. Customs Records of Ocean Containers
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May 28, 2008

ImportGenius is a relatively new 'competitor intelligence startup' that has a search engine to monitor U.S. Customs records of ocean containers entering American ports.  For those professionals charged with mitigating adverse affects of competitor and business intelligence you may find it beneficial to visit both of the sites noted below.


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