Self Assessment
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Intangible Asset Self-Assessment

This mini self-assessment is believed to be the first of its kind for addressing the rising importance of intangible assets.

Our complete assessment-protocol package was developed by Mr. Moberly and designed for management teams, boards, and other business decision makers to serve as starting points and benchmarks to drive and improve business performance.

The validity and impartiality of our assessment lies in the absence of any conscious intent to design it to elicit biased responses or to draw anything but the most objective conclusions by management teams and boards.

Responses to this mini-self-assessment are, of course, yours to keep.  Hopefully they will spark discussions and soon become action items in c-suite and strategic planning agendas.

We welcome any questions about intangible assets and encourage inquiries about conducting assessments, training, and/or seminars for your company.


Learn where your company stands…

1.  Are intangible assets routine discussion/action items in the management team, board, and strategic planning meetings of your company? ____________________

2.  Does your company have a current inventory of its intangible assets? __________________

3.  Can you identify a particular intangible asset (from the list) that your company has developed or acquired in the past six months and is currently using.______________________

4. Can you identify the intangible asset (from the list) that is the dominant producer of revenue and/or competitive advantage for your company? ____________________

5. Has your company designated an individual, group, or committee to be accountable for identifying, managing, and using its intangible assets? ___________________

6. Does your company structure its (business) transactions, joint ventures, or new product/service launches to ensure the intangible assets that are in play are safeguarded and monitored to assure retention and a positive exit strategy?________________