Services That Lead To Solutions
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Our services provide time constrained clients and their companies with immediately useful solutions, insights, strategies, and multipliers to provide the necessary stewardship, oversight, and management of intangible assets by…


  1. Adding predictability to transaction outcomes by mitigating risks that can entangle assets in costly and time consuming legal disputes, disrupt transaction/project momentum, or undermine projected synergies, competitive advantages or adversely affect assets’ defensibility.
  2. Fostering a ‘company culture’ that respects intangible assets and enhances their contributory-collaborative value.
  3. Re-framing conventional continuity/contingency planning to focus more on organizational resilience that includes intangible assets.
  4. Kick starting strategic planning to ensure the contributory – collaborative value of intangible assets is effectively aligned with a company’s core competencies, products, services, supply chain, and the types of transactions it typically engages.
  5. Showcasing certain intangible assets to elevate company stature, i.e., reputation, image, goodwill, etc., among stakeholders, customers, suppliers, prospective investors, and gain attention of audiences beyond a company’s traditional market space.
  6. Forging synergies with accounting, legal counsel, knowledge management programs, balanced scorecard approaches, Sarbanes-Oxley and its global equivalents.