About KPS
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We are a business consultancy that specializes in helping small, mid-size, early stage, and start-up companies ‘put their intangible assets to work’ through training, seminars, and consultation.

We recognize that today, 65+% of most company’s value, sources of revenue, sustainability, and growth potential evolve directly from intangible assets regardless of a company’s size, sector, maturity, or location.

We believe for most companies, profitability and sustainability today are strongly linked to:

  1. Recognizing that managing intangible assets are business (management) decisions and fiduciary responsibilities, not solely legal or accounting processes.
  2. Identifying and assessing intangible assets, particularly their contributory and collaborative value, and mitigating risks.
  3. Sustaining control, use, ownership of intangibles and monitoring their value and materiality:
    • pre -post business transactions in which intangible assets are in play.
    • throughout the assets life, value, and functionality cycles.
  4. Identifying, unraveling, and exploiting intangible assets that are embedded in routine business operations, processes, and transactions.

Knowledge Protection Strategies differentiates itself in the intangible asset space by bringing a strong understanding how intangible assets develop and evolve within a company and are in play in a range of venues and transactions such as mergers and acquisitions, investing, market entry planning, new product launches, international transactions, business continuity and contingency planning, and accommodating regulatory mandates.