Mission Statement
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We are committed to helping small, mid-size, early stage, and start-up companies identify and execute viable and practical ‘roadmaps’ for putting their intangible assets to work!

We are fully committed to providing specialized and professional training, consultation, and seminars to help companies identify, unravel, position, bundle, and extract value and build competitive advantages from their intangible assets.

We believe, in no other arena of economic and social relations has the statement “knowledge is power” proved more true than in today’s knowledge (intangible asset) based global economies wherein business operations and transactions are increasingly dominated by the creation, utilization, and conversion of intangible assets into sources of revenue and competitive advantage.

We believe, effectively managing a company’s intangible assets has permanently shifted from being optional tasks to fiduciary responsibilities that can no longer be dismissed or neglected.

We recognize that just making sense of the knowledge (intangible asset) based economy and business environment is not sufficient unless our clients can readily apply our training, consultation, and seminars to execute their own successful and profitable ‘roadmaps’.

We believe our services, training and consultation must resonate with clients by bringing relevant and current insights about, not just a starting point, but the practical steps that are necessary for utilizing the assets to help produce a strategically sustainable and profitable roadmap!

We advocate, in all of our service offerings, practical and company specific approaches to intangible asset management which we call ’what fits best’, because ’what fits best’ for a company will usually ‘work best’ for a company insofar as achieving business goals and objectives through better utilization of intangible assets.

We believe there should be no undue complexities about intangible assets management or any hesitancy by management teams and boards to engage their intangibles.

We believe in the importance of helping companies design and execute effective processes and procedures to ensure control, use, ownership, and value (of their assets’) is sustainable throughout the assets’ life, value, and functionality cycle. We believe in treating the management of intangible assets as business decisions and fiduciary responsibilities, not solely as legal or accounting processes.

We believe our services, training, seminars, and consultation should not require clients to step outside their areas of expertise to apply the various principles and strategies we offer. Instead, our services are designed to build upon each client’s expertise by respectfully adding challenging, relevant, and forward looking dimensions to one’s professional specialization.