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Michael D. Moberly

President – Founder

Knowledge Protection Strategies


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A consultancy with a clear sense of purpose…



It’s an economic fact – business reality that 75+% of most companies’

value, sources of revenue and future wealth creation no longer evolve from

tangible-physical assets, rather they’re embedded in intangible assets,

intellectual property, know how and brand…


Mr. Moberly’s Memphis-based consultancy offers a range of operational and strategic services to companies, organizations and institutions throughout the U.S. in which intellectual property, intangible assets, proprietary know how, competitive advantages, and brand integrity are at stake. 

Mr. Moberly designed and honed these services and offerings specifically to help clients maximize – extract as much value as possible from those assets by identifying, unraveling, and sustaining their control, use, and ownership and value!

You are invited to browse through the services and offerings posted. Among other things you will learn that:


  1. Mr. Moberly brings 20+ years of experience specific to matters of protecting and preserving the value of intellectual property, intangible assets, know how, trade secrets, competitive advantages and brand integrity.
  2. knowledge-based assets are perishable and very costly to renew or litigate if compromised, misappropriated, infringed or counterfeited, frequently remain under-the-business-radar, i.e., they go unrecognized, undervalued, and unappreciated. 


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Business Continuity/Contingency Planning  


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