Intangibles, The Introverts of Business Assets!

February 23rd, 2017. Published under Intangible asset training for management teams., Intangible Asset Value. No Comments.

Michael D. Moberly February 23, 2017 ‘A business intangible asset blog where attention span really matters’!

It’s quite ironic that it’s a globally universal economic fact that today, 80+% of most company’s value, sources of revenue, and competitive advantages derive from IA’s (intangible assets), while, at the same time, intangibles are the ‘introverts’ of every businesses suite of asset’s.

That is, IA’s are obviously neither physical, nor tangible, and unfortunately, these features-characteristics, far too often translate as, because they are not subject to the five human senses in the conventional sense, must therefore, hold little or no reportable value.

In business circumstances in which leaders and/or management teams are operationally unfamiliar with the functionality of IA’s, it’s unlikely they will (independently) rise to being recognized-accepted as contributors to a businesses’ value, competitive advantages, or as sources of revenue, etc. What’s more, when such contrarian outlooks persist, IA’s are likely to remain in subordinate and/or neglected states unless-until, that is…

• their developer-owner achieves sufficient (IA) operational familiarity to recognize, articulate, and demonstrate their worth and the necessity to sustain, cultivate, and integrate more – specialized IA’s to accommodate new business initiatives, transactions, and strategies.

• an IA strategist is invited to identify and bring the IA’s to a businesses’ operating surface where they can be acknowledged, unraveled, and assessed, and for the various ways they contribute to (business-company) value and new-additional sources of revenue and competitive advantage.

Absent either, and especially absent the business instincts and acumen to seek alternatives to ‘this is the way it’s always been done’, IA’s will unfortunately, remain relegated, at least in that company, as the proverbial wall flowers of business operability. That is, until it becomes obvious that certain assets, i.e., intangibles, have been compromised or other risks have materialized that rapidly and adversely affects the company’s reputation, revenue streams, and assessed value.

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